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Packaging Online for Food & Supplements

Considering the current world crisis, people need now two goods: food & drugs, especially health supplements that boost immunity. Are you producing such goods? Then it is your moment! Do you have innovative products in mind? Then what are you waiting for? Make it happen! Of course you are probably wondering how to start your project, how to put ideas into practice and also keep safe. Before thinking to production and factories that are still open and can honor the demand, you should first consider the design phase. This design part can take a few months so this mean your product will be ready for production exactly when the consumers need it more. Until then there will also be some partners from manufacture sector ready to help. So how to be safe and create your design for your food product or supplement? It is so simple: employ an online design agency . No matter your location, you will be able to digitally communicate with the design team, exchange ideas and your pack

Jam & Salad Chess Collection

Jams are experiencing an increasing demand, all over the world. In regions, like Europe and North America, these products are consumed on a daily basis, by consumers of all age groups. Regular jams contain huge quantities of sugar, which helps improve shelf-life, taste, and mouth-feel. However, with the rising health concerns, sugar is being replaced with alternatives, such as artificial sweeteners, fruit concentrates, and others. The consumers are continuously looking out for healthier and tastier jams that are low in sugar.  On the other hand the salad market is all about simple ingredients and spreadable convenience. Today everybody wants a spreadable right from the fridge. Use as a dip for pretzels or veggies. So for this jam & spreadable salad packaging design we got inspired from the chess world. The eggplant became the knight, the pear is looking like a pawn, the king is a mushroom, the rook got to be a radish, the queen is a dragon fruit, and what else? The b