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Out Of This World Spices Packaging Design

Spices packaging design became more and more important for attracting customers attentions. Store's shelves are full of different choices, so your product really needs to stand out.

That's why for this package we invented a special shape for the container in which the spices are enclosed. It is done from Eco-friendly materials and for sure it is mesmerizing for people that come across it.

Did you know? Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, harvesting saffron requires a lot of physical labor to get the flowers from the field to the final packaging.

Saffron has some impressive health benefits:
a strong antioxidantimproves moodfights cancergood in dietsreduces heart diseases risksimproves memory Saffron is used as a condiment in many recipes, it has a rich flavor and it gives something extra to any dish.

Spanish Wine Packaging Design

This red wine packaging design is taking its inspiration from the dragonfly. Adult dragonflies are characterized by large, multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong, transparent wings, sometimes with coloured patches, and a long body.

This transparent wings inspired the designer to create a label that will put the focus on this complex network of veins, partitioning the dragonfly wing into hundreds or thousands of small, simple shapes.

Fun Facts About Dragonflies
Dragonflies don't stingThey have been around for 300 million yearsWhen first hatched, the larva or nymphs live in the water for around a year. Once they leave the water and begin to fly, they only live for around a month.Having a dragonfly land on your head is considered good luck.They need to warm up in the sun during the morning before taking off and flying for most of the day. The name of the wine is reminding us of this helicopter kind insect and also ab…

Promotions / Discounts - good or bad for your business?

Promotions are everywhere today, all stores attract clients using sales and also business are using this strategy a lot to sell their products or services. But how we can use this technique in our business advantage?

Let's start with the beginning so we can understand discounts origin. Around 1886, Coca-Cola was the first company to first use discounts, their marketing included having the company's employees and sales representatives distribute complimentary coupons for Coca-Cola.

 Discounts advantages
attract new customers and create loyalty for your brandincrease sales and meet your business goalsimprove company reputation and build a relation with the clientsDiscounts disadvantages
dropping prices can create a bidding warprofits will suffer trust can be diminished So how you can use promotions in the right way? Here are a few tips:
Short time discounts, not too many promotions in a year (maximum 4)Advertise your promotion so you create brand awarenessUse promotion for one prod…

A World Of Colors

A world of colors: a lavender field, fresh-cut green grass, pink strawberry ice cream or just simply, a red tasty apple.

Yes, it's all about color. And when it comes to color The Pantone Color Institute offers us a world of great choices that are fit for any occasion, job or hobby.

Pantone Matching System (PMS) company, was founded by Lawrence Herbert and began its story in the city of New York in 1950 as a commercial printing company. In 1963 Lawrence Herbert created an innovative color system that would reinvent the way printing was done.

The foundation of its system was that every individual sees & interprets the color spectrum differently so to have the same color the PMS was born.

Now by using this standard color system(PMS), people from different locations can all use the Pantone system to make sure colors match perfectly without contacting one another.

Clients, design agencies, branding studios & many more all use this system to ensure their continuity of work when…

Funny White Wine Packaging Design

For this white wine we proposed a funny label for which we created a handmade illustration of an ostrich.

The baby bird is also related to the name of the wine: Beginning, this shows very clear that the wine bouquet is really fresh and clean.

Curious to see more drawings from this project?

The wine packaging design was also rewarded with a trophy on Davey Awards.

Did you know? White wine can be made with either white or red grapes. The major difference between white and red wine is that white wines are fermented without the grape skins.

The earliest evidence of a grape-based fermented drink was found in China (c. 7000 BC), Georgia from 6000 BC, Iran from 5000 BC, and Sicily from 4000 BC.

These five steps are followed by all winemakers:

    Step 1 – Harvesting.
    Step 2- Crushing.
    Step 3 – Fermentation.
    Step 4 – Clarification.
    Step 5 – Aging and Bottling. 

Elegant Saffron Packaging Design

Spices market is rapidly growing. Why? Most likely because of all these cool chef TV shows that are teaching the public how to cook and use a lot of condiments in the process. Now we've all heard about saffron, pepper, different type of salt, oregano, turmeric, etc. 

In this competitive market you need to ensure an advantage for your product. How do you do that? Have a packaging design that makes the product stand out on the shelf.

The saffron packaging design that our packaging design studio proposed is elegant and practical. The glass jar is protecting the precious saffron and the paper box is catching the eye of the customers.

The entire spice package is Eco-friendly and customized for the high-end good that saffron represents.

If you are curious to see more, please visit our saffron design page:

Did you know? Cyrus II of Persia commonly known as Cyrus the Great, was the founder of the first Persian Empire. Under his…

3 tips on how to improve client - designer collaboration

Looking for ways to improve collaboration, to really have a good communication client - designer?

During our experience in the design business we encounter numerous situation when a strong collaboration can ensure the success of the project or break it completely.

These 3 tips should do the trick:


Did you hear about Agile design teams? These are the best because they follow Agile principles when taking decisions.

This means that they treasure human interactions and have a simple working process not lose time with elaborate step by step process and long, unnecessary meetings.

The team will be focused on producing a design that is attuned with the brand and not just great tons of useless documentation.

Negotiation will be key even in difficult moments, we will not hide behind contracts, we should first be humans and trough quality communication we should be able to find a win-win solution.

Both designer and client will welcome change and be opened to new ideas and trends, th…

Dairy Packaging Design

Looking for an original dairy packaging design? Milk bottle design? Cheese box design? Yogurt jar design?

Check out our new dairy packaging design page:

About the project: All the illustrations are handmade and the special shapes for the packages makes the products stand out on the shelves. The materials used are Eco-friendly and they support the organic look of these natural products.

Did you know?In ancient Egypt, milk and other dairy products were reserved for royalty, priests and the very wealthy. By the 5th century AD, cows and sheep in Europe were prized for their milk. By the 14th century, cow's milk became more popular than sheep's milk. In 1884, the first milk bottle was invented in New York state.

Minimalistic Water Packaging Design

Looking for a clean and modern water packaging design?

Check out our new water bottle design page:

The design is focused on the bottle shape, bottle design plays an essential role both in packaging and presenting your water, it catches customers eyes.

The name, Wet, is very simple however catchy and young, the brand naming is very important because it carries out any marketing or branding strategy.

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