How can you reduce packaging costs in these troubled times?

These troubles times affected many businesses, so everybody is looking for innovative solutions that will help preserve the quality but cut the costs. Packaging industry is no different, that's why we tried to think out of the box and give you a few examples where you can make strategic moves and reduce packaging cost while maintaining a high level for your product.

Packaging is much more than just protection for your product. It's a critical marketing tool, it supports branding efforts, and creates a special experience for the customer. So to understand better where we can reduce some costs and what should be kept intact, we should look at what customers want from a packaging:

  • Identify the brand
  • Edgy, different design
  • Attractive color
  • Accessibility
  • Ecological aspects
  • Accreditation
  • Simplicity

 Considering these points, we identified some areas where some savings can be done:

  1. Choose a clean, quality design, however avoid very intricate elements that can add to the time spent by the packaging studio and of course can increase the costs
  2. Select a simple container that will make your product shine, think twice before ordering custom boxes or bottles, a samples for a box with a special form can cost a few hundreds dollars, while a sample for a special glass bottle will take a few thousands dollars from your budget
  3. Choose just a few vibrant colors for your packaging, these will allure customers however will keep the printing cost lower
  4. Find a smaller but original design studio or a talented freelancer, working with a huge agency might be quite costly at this time; but avoid crowd design platforms, at first glace you would think this as a cheaper option, in time you will see that the quality is not what you would expect and you will end up paying more for a professional designer to redo your packaging
  5. Look for materials that are environmental friendly but also cost effective, there are many companies that produce innovative materials that can really help your vision and budget
  6. Follow-up social media posts so you can discover discounts that your business can benefit from, you can nowadays find good offers for packaging design, printing services and even manufacturing


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