Colorful Fish Packaging Design

Fish is a very versatile type of meat - it can be consumed raw, used fresh, canned, smoked, etc.

With this fish packaging design we tried to establish a clean, colorful design that will work for different types of fish. The brand direction is clear and adaptive.

fish packaging design

Thinking about how to grow your fish business? Fish is a very healthy choice for any diet:
  • high in nutrients
  • lower risk of heart problems
  • boosts brain health
  • helps prevents depression
  • vitamin D
  • reduces risks of autoimmune diseases
  • protects vision
  • improves sleep
Did you know? Before the 11th century in Europe and England most fishing was done in freshwater lakes and rivers. Archeologists analyzing discarded fish bones going back 14 centuries observed freshwater fish became scarcer over time and concluded that mill dams began blocking salmon from swimming upstream in the 1100s.

Europeans began eating more fish from the sea in the Middle Ages starting around the 11th century. There were several reason for this. Fishing technology had improved and vessels were made more seaworthy. The quality and quantity of freshwater fish was declining as a result of over-fishing and “deteriorating freshwater” tainted by pollution and sewage. 


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