What is Google Analytics?

If you have a business you probably also have a website for it. Why? Because internet presence is so important today, this is the only way to build a strong brand and attract loyal customers.

And if you have invested in a nice website, you probably would want to measure its performance. This is where Google Analytics comes in the picture. Google Analytics is a free tool from Google that is very easy to install, you just need a Google account and a small code snippet added in your website pages.

Using this tool you will be able to measure a few KPIs using different tool's tabs:
  1.  Home - a summary of all the metrics for the last 7 days: users number, bounce rate, time spent, location of the users, returning users vs new users, conversions, etc.
  2. Real time - you can check who is visiting you website in any moment, what pages they are reading, from where they are, what devices are they using
  3. Audience - gives you more insight about users location and language, technology used
  4. Acquisition - you can follow-up on the channels that are bringing users to the website - Paid, Organic, Social, etc.
  5. Behavior - shows the flow the user is having on your website, what pages are interesting and in which particular order
  6. Conversions - tracks how many important actions are done, you can add the type of actions that you target: users that get to contact page, that write you emails, click on the phone number, etc.
Google Analytics is a very complex tool where impressive dashboards and in-depth reports can be created, however it is also an user friendly tool where any small, medium or big company can follow-up the numbers and make adjustments accordingly.

Creating a good presentation website for your business, something that will really create awareness for your brand, is a key ingredient in this mix. If you need help with that, don't hesitate - https://www.creativebydefinition.com/product-branding.html

So what are you waiting for? Create a website for your business today and start measuring things.

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