What illustration would you choose for your brand?

Illustrations are used everywhere: advertisements, books, magazines, websites, posters, clothing, and just about any product that you can think of.

We are using custom illustrations on packaging design because we want to tell the story of your product in a way that would gain the customer attention and would stand the test of time.

Types of Traditional Illustration
  • Woodcutting Illustration
  • Pencil Illustration
  • Charcoal Illustration
  • Lithography Illustration
  • Watercolor Illustration
  • Acrylic Illustration
  • Pen and Ink Illustration
Types of Modern Illustration
  • Freehand Digital Illustration
  • Vector Illustration
Illustration trends for 2020
  • Fewer colors
  • Gradients
  • Mixing illustration and animation
  • 3D vision
  • Typography as illustration
  • Many details and patterns
  • Real images replaced by illustrations
When you choose an illustration for your brand you should think to something that represents the brand: what color comes to mind, do you have a style of lettering that is recognizable by your loyal customers, should you use a more traditional approach or go for a modern one? If you have the answer to these questions, you can check designers portfolio and find the right match. While there are on the web many repositories of free or low-cost illustrations, you should always consider the true effect of an unique imagery that is designed to represent a single brand’s identity.

With illustration now often forming an integral part of branding, we're starting to see more illustrations that are cleverly designed to tell the story of the brand or product, to make a lasting impression. In our opinion the main focus should be on designing a good composition for the packaging and of course making people smile, in the end laughter is the best medicine.

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