Packaging Checklist - How To Have a Good Start?

Do you have a new product / brand? Then probably you are reading a lot about consumers motivation, packaging and how to ensure the product success.

There are four psychological factors that influence consumer behavior: motivation, perception, learning and attitude. Packaging elements like colors, images, illustrations, typography and brand name influence how the product is perceived by the customers. When we think to less expensive and low risk products, something like food & beverage maybe, the consumer has low involvement in the purchase and one of the most important motivating factor is the packaging.

We know launching a product is an intricate process and you probably need to find the answer to many questions. In order to help you navigate this complex world, we've created a packaging checklist that covers many topics.
  1. notice a customer need
  2. ensure budget for product development
  3. develop a good product
  4. establish the product audience (targeted customers)
  5. define a distribution plan (e-commerce, small boutiques, supermarkets, etc.)
  6. ensure budget packaging: design & manufacture
  7. choose a style for the brand (modern, vintage, traditional, minimalist)
  8. decide on the type of packaging needed (box, bottle, bag, etc.)
  9. research the design market (check portfolios for agencies, studios, freelancers)
  10. select the perfect match - client and designer should "click", have the same vision / style
  11. complete a brief about your brand and design objectives
  12. receive concept designs from agency, studio, freelancer selected
  13. choose the design concept that better represent your brand
  14. give feedback with minor modifications to make it perfect
  15. receive final design files
  16. research the manufacturers available
  17. choose the manufacturer that can produce a packaging as close as the design as possible in the budget and timeline established
  18. receive and use the real packaging for your product
If you have any other questions, we tried to address them in our FAQ section, GOOD LUCK!

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