COVID-19 - How to grow your business?

We know that this global health crisis brought troubles to many businesses, however during difficult times there are businesses that close their doors but also some that thrive. So how to grow your business during this odd period?

1. Focus on opportunities not just try to prevent risks, try to see what is the public need and find a way to position your business ahead of the competitors. People need now a boost for the immune system, we all want to remain healthy, so these become really important: good food, beverages rich in nutrients and vitamins, health supplements. Also staying so much at home means we would like to do some home improvements, so promotions for furniture or decorations is a must during this time. As for cloths, in the first line there are the indoor options, sleep cloths, sports wear. And of course the medical supplies are also vital, things like masks, ventilators, robes, drugs, etc.

2. Try to make some small investments so you can adapt your business to the customers needs, there are lots of discounts offered right now so find the best supplier to work with so you can also offer a good cost to your clients.

3. If you products are packaged, think hard if their packaging design is appropriate for the online environment, customers are doing a lot of the shopping online so your products should be visible, they should stand out. If you find this is not the case, then maybe it's a good time to find an online packaging design studio or agency that can help you with a quick redesign so you can get back in the game and win in front of the competition.

4. Also for this period and probably also the future having a digital platform should be a high priority for you, it is crucial to be able to offer the clients the possibility to order products online and have them delivered at home safely.

5. Try not to let all these bad news that we hear over and over again get you depressed, stay safe, healthy and focus on your family and your business, this too shall pass and it is good to have a strong business when this will be over.

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